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Yusen Logistics operates through network of bases spanning about 40 countries across the globe. We optimize our clients' overall supply chain by providing integrating multiple logistics functions starting from material and product collection, warehousing, value added services, distribution, crossdocking.

Service Guide

We offer an efficient integrated transport system with multiple types of trucks available to support your trucking and distribution needs. Our trucking service extends to various locations such as offices, warehouses, exhibition venue to neighboring countries, Malaysia and Thailand. All cargos are handled carefully, tracked and distributed in precise accordance with our customerfs schedule, assuring on-time deliveries.

Multi types of trucks available such as:-

  • Cross border trucks
  • Open / covered top trucks
  • Reefervans
  • Heavy load trailers
  • DG trucks

Yusen Logistics Singapore has 6 strategically placed warehouses in Singapore offering general warehousing and contract logistics warehousing services. Our warehouses are equipped with the latest computerized control and management systems revolutionizing our customerfs logistics to create a swift and effective logistics operation.

Logistics Services:-

  • Aircon / Non-aircon warehouse
  • Bonded / Non-bonded warehouse
  • Zero GST warehouse
  • 24hrs x 7 days support
  • TAPA certified

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) is used to increase efficiency and flexibility for vendors and end-customers. It allows vendors to reduce inventory levels resulting in lower obsolescence and improved facility use. Vendors are also able to effectively manage their inventories throughout the whole supply chain cycle, increasing ownership and better inventories control.

A total VMI service experience includes:-

  • Repacking
  • Labeling
  • 3PL Services (Procurement, Kitting, Distribution)

Cross Docking is an effective distribution method which eliminates storage; reduce handling and storage costs while improving turnaround speed and transportation costs. Goods flow in an unbroken sequence from receiving to shipping (dispatching).

Our logistics information systems are constructed to meet the needs of each client, from total system proposals that combine transportation information and warehouse control to those designed for supply chain visualization.

Gateway Service

To guarantee high-quality global forwarding systems, a logistics provider must have the ability to efficiently collect and store cargo in key locations, and the means to effectively manage delivery by air and marine transport to each destination using the method and routing best suited for each specific type of cargo.

Yusen Logistics has established optimal collection and delivery services by forming alliances with major land transportation companies. Overseas, we are enhancing company-owned shuttle truck services to strengthen a "hub and spokes" approach centered on our gateway cities.